HUTACCIS is NATO compatible Hungarian Tactical Command And Control Information System for Ministry of Defence and another version for TEK (Counter Terrorism Centre).

Function of HUTACCIS: At company, battalion, brigade and ground forces level planning and control of combat (tactical and operational), planning of intelligence forces and means combat employment, control of intelligence, intelligence information (data) supplied by intelligence sub-units transmission to command posts, data collection, analysis, processing and sorting, target assignment and transmission to forces participating in fire support via computer network or tactical radio network by standard messages. Continuous planning of fire support is required during preparation and conduct of combat activity.

At last workplace I developed Military Software for Ministry of Defence as a senior .NET full-stack developer. I worked on greenfield geoinformation (GIS) desktop WPF architecture, military statistic caltulations, march-maneuver etc. modules and also worked on 3D OpenGL terrain & military equipment visualization engine. Also developed Lynx/Leopard other vehicle interoperability backend ASP.NET WEB API endpoints