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When Robert Oze was a child he studied BASIC on C64 and wrote text-based adventure games in 1990. He started C/C++ and C# programming at college in 2001. Officially he has been programming since 2005 with C# language for desktop and C/C++ language for desktop & mobile platforms.

At last workplace Robert developed Military Software for Ministry of Defence as a senior .NET full-stack developer. He worked on greenfield geoinformation (GIS) desktop WPF architecture, military statistic caltulations, march-maneuver etc. modules and also worked on 3D OpenGL terrain & military equipment visualization engine. Also developed Lynx/Leopard other vehicle interoperability backend ASP.NET WEB API endpoints.

In spare time his serious primary target is game engine programming and game design.
He isn't interested in licensing a huge game engine like Unity or Unreal. He is working on new game engine with separated modules on low level APIs like OpenGL/D3D etc. and TDD support.
Why? Because engine writing is quite a good challenge. Also, Robert wants to write own engine because of game-specific and optimization with low-level C/C++ languages.

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About 4D Illusions

4D illusions is an independent game development studio based in Budapest, Hungary. 4di is a one man team founded in 2011 by Robert Oze (technical director). 4di develops new style, playable casual games with cross-platform game engine technology.